July 10, 2024

Get to Know ONCO: Kathy Wright, ODS-C


Get to Know ONCO: Kathy Wright, ODS-C

Kathy Wright, ODS-C

Tell us about your journey prior to joining ONCO.  What got you into the cancer registry?

My journey began in early 1987.  I was working in HIM attempting to get my RHIT when I was assigned to assist the Epidemiologist from the Health Department to research a possible cluster of leukemia.   Since we did not have a cancer registry all the possible cases had to be pulled and copied.  He told me all about what a cancer registry does and how it would help the hospital and the state if we had one.  After setting up this new registry and lots of training from my mentors, I sat for my certification in March 1990 and passed.  Since then, I have served on the board and committees of my state and NCRA associations, worked with the College of Surgeons to train and develop their software (Cansur Facs), served as a mentor to many registrars and helped them get certified, started a cardiac registry and I even had my own consulting business for many years.  I then changed directions and moved into the registry software world, where I performed many jobs from support specialist to sales.

 What keeps you coming back?  

My fellow registrars!  I love working with them and helping them with their registry needs.  I also love knowing that the work we are all doing is helping develop new treatments and drugs that are allowing our patients live longer.

Tell us about your role at ONCO and your first few weeks on the job.

I’ve been with ONCO since May 20, 2024, and doing what I love most – Project Management.  I love working here, everyone is so nice and helpful, and they all work as a team, including the owners.

What is your approach to project management?  

My approach to project management is keeping things simple but orderly.   I am very OCD and I like to keep lists when doing pretty much anything.  Therefore, timelines for projects come easy to me and they keep me organized and on track.

What is the most important factor in ensuring a project is successful and timely?  

Communication is the key to being successful in everything you do in life.  When ensuring a project is timely you must communicate effectively with both your internal and external team members.

 Tell us about yourself outside of work.  What are your interests?  

I have three adult children and five grandchildren and one great grandson.  I’ve been married to my Mr. Right (Wright) for almost 10 years now and we enjoy watching sports (mainly basketball and football) and all kinds of movies.  I also love to craft, cook and build things that I find on Pinterest.