ONCO’s Interface Manager Module is utilized to assist the cancer registry with case finding, data acquisition and follow-up by importing data from outside sources such as facility EMR’s, MedOnc, RadOnc and Pathology systems.

Interface Manager
  • Automatically identify and import cases into suspense for further data abstraction.
  • Get a head start on your abstract by bringing in demographic, diagnostic, staging and treatment information as well as extract relevant data from pathology reports.
  • Automate your follow-up
  • Update deceased patients automatically.
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Interface Manager
  • HL7 interface allows for direct integration with virtually all EMR systems
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Interface Manager
  • View Pathology reports from within the patient abstract for easy reference
  • Works with any HL7 2.X compliant pathology system and filters for cancer related Path reports
  • Additional electronic documents (i.e. follow-up letters, physician letters) can also be associated with that patient for storage of valuable information within the patient abstract
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Interface Manager
  • Available to ONCO/ARIA customers
  • Automatically downloads patient information from ARIA database
  • Includes demographics, cancer, extent of disease, and treatment information
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Interface Manager
  • Latest death records from the Social Security Administration
  • Matches based on social security number or name and date of birth
  • Automatically updates vital status and date of death
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