ONCO Inc. was founded in 1983 by a physician with a dream. Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Ted Williamson envisioned an oncology data management system that was based on truly open access, unlimited flexibility, and outstanding customer support. All with one goal in mind: saving lives. A year later, that dream became reality.

The ONCO Journey


In 1985, ONCO introduced the first network registry system. A Windows version of the registry software ONCOLog was released in 1998 and offered unparalleled flexibility to add unlimited user-defined fields of any type and create user-defined datasets. This version of ONCOLog combined the benefits of open client access with true, enterprise-wide operation.


To meet the needs of a growing client base with varied needs, ONCO’s innovative team worked to develop electronic solutions to transform workflow processes in the registry. In 2005, ONCO introduced Casefinding and DeathLog Modules (now called Interface Manager and SSDI File Processing Tool). These enhancements to the existing software streamlined processes electronically and eliminated many of the manual processes plaguing Oncology Data Management Systems. Implementation of these modules directly impacts employee productivity and efficiency.

ONCO partnered with Varian Medical Systems in 2005 and is able to provide an extensive interface with the ARIA Electronic Medical Record system. This interface allows users to automatically import demographic and disease information from the ARIA system.


In 2007, ONCO introduced the Quality Indicator Module. This module originally allowed us to take full advantage of our extensive clinical and technical expertise to collect and manage comprehensive data specific to Breast Cancer for analysis. In addition to basic screening, diagnostic, and treatment information, centers can collect an unlimited number of additional data elements to meet specific needs. Even patients without a definitive diagnosis of cancer, but at high risk, can be monitored and followed utilizing this feature of the database.


In 2012, ONCO released ONCONav, our Patient Navigation software. Recognizing the need for Patient Navigation, ONCO worked with existing ONCOLog client‘s navigation programs to develop a software system that assists the navigation team with managing their patients from pre-screening through survivorship. Based on the same database with all of the flexibility and reporting capabilities as ONCOLog.


Understanding how our clients were struggling with keeping up with standard setter changes and staffing their registries we evaluated other ways we could help. In 2017 we launched our Professional Services offering. Staffed with a team of experts in the industry our team can help eliminate backlogs, provide short term or long-term support with case finding, abstracting and follow-up as well as accreditation support.


Due to ONCO ’s experience with supporting its Professional Services clients fields and reports to help track CoC standards, Cancer Conference information, and incomplete treatment were added. We developed and released QC edits to assist with quality control efforts. We also expanded on interface technology by working with MD Anderson on Computer Aided Coding (CAC Interface).


Today, ONCO continues to be at the forefront of the field – developing innovative software applications to meet the constantly evolving needs of oncology data management. Led by a management team with decades of experience in the field, ONCO will continue to expand the realm of what is possible and build new ways to utilize oncology data to help in the fight against Cancer.