Data is the backbone of the fight against cancer and the cancer registry is a key component of that data collection and reporting.  With over 35 years in the cancer data and outcomes field, ONCO is uniquely positioned to help cancer programs collect this data accurately and in a way that they can easily utilize the data for strategic planning, community outreach, and tracking clinical outcomes. Over time, our oncology solutions have grown more robust to now include tools to help with accreditation, oncology navigation, and a full Professional Services team to assist with staffing and workflow challenges your cancer program may face.

The depth and breadth of our oncology software solutions allows you to not only collect the data, but provides functionality that improves efficiency, increases data utilization, assesses staff and cancer program performance, and putting it in a simpler way – makes your job easier. ONCO’s full suite of oncology solutions includes:

Our flagship Cancer Registry software providing support for clients worldwide since 1984. Our focus has always been to listen to our clients’ feedback and provide the most comprehensive solution available in the market.  We feel this approach has been the core of our success and is still the central focus of our business today.

Our oncology navigation software is designed to assist oncology navigators with organizing their day-to-day workflow, demonstrate program performance, standardize patient touchpoints, and assess and overcome barriers to care.

Our staffing and consulting division launched in 2017 to assist our clients with addressing backlogs, determining opportunities to improve workflow, and providing accreditation solutions to make the process easier

The ONCO Solution Ecosystem

In addition, ONCO can help improve workflows, automate casefinding,
data acquisition and follow-up as well as evaluate your data.

Experienced in supporting small community hospitals and treatment centers to large multi facility enterprises and NCI facilities. Contact us today!


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