We support quality measures from a variety of leading organizations in cancer care.  Collect and report data on screening, diagnosis, treatment, quality compliance, and outcomes in one area of the abstract.

Quality Indicator Manager
  • Leading organizations in cancer care have developed measures to help facilities improve clinical quality.
  • Cancer registries have been tasked with the collection of this data to assess and monitor concordance with the measures.
  • As indicators change and grow, we change with them – allowing you to be up-to-date with tracking the newest measures in the industry.
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Quality Indicator Manager
  • We make it easier to collect and monitor concordance.
  • Quality indicators from leading organizations are incorporated into our software.
  • Quality checks ensure data completeness and integrity.
  • Concurrent quality compliance monitoring provides immediate impact on care.
  • We offer an enterprise report to allow you to compare and contrast each facility across the network.
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Experienced in supporting small community hospitals and treatment centers to large multi facility enterprises and NCI facilities. Contact us today!


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