November 9, 2023

ONCO, Inc. Announces Strategic Partnership with Oncora Medical


ONCO, Inc., a market leading company in the cancer registry software and services space secures strategic alliance with Oncora Medical, an innovative oncology startup, to advance data-driven cancer care, analytics, and public health reporting.

PHILADELPHIA and WALL, N.J., Nov. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — ONCO Inc. (ONCO), a market leader in the oncology software and services space for over 40 years, is announcing a strategic alliance with Oncora Medical (Oncora), a startup company building an innovative patient care and research platform used by world-leading cancer centers. Founded by Dr. David Lindsay during his medical school training at Penn, Oncora provides their Oncora Patient Care and Oncora Analytics software to a collection of top-tier cancer centers across the US. Together, ONCO and Oncora have entered into a commercial partnership and plan to develop advanced cancer registry, reporting, and analytics software, combining the best technology from both companies into a single platform to provide groundbreaking data automation capabilities to cancer centers while enabling comprehensive and personalized care for patients.

Driven by the belief that data, as much as a drug or medical device, can be instrumental in combating cancer, ONCO has consistently innovated to improve data collection and data utilization. Their extensive software suite, which includes tools tailored for cancer registry abstraction, point-of-care data capture, interoperability, and advanced reporting, stands as a testament to this dedication. These tools do more than just collect data; they heighten efficiency and maximize data utilization, all with the tripartite mission of enhancing patient care, research, and public health.

Through their partnership with and investment in Oncora, ONCO hopes to supercharge this mission. Immediately, ONCO will begin offering Oncora’s Patient Care and Analytics software to key accounts, bringing technology (originally developed in collaboration with MD Anderson Cancer Center) to their growing customer base. Similarly, Oncora will offer ONCO’s services and software to Oncora customers, to realize immediate improvements to cancer registry abstraction and public health reporting. The moonshot of the collaboration is the development of a unified software platform, combining the best of both companies’ technology to drive automated cancer registry abstraction and personalized patient care.

“Through this partnership with Oncora, ONCO is elevating our ability to leverage data automation and machine learning to deliver more accurate, more efficient, and more timely cancer registry case-finding and abstraction” commented James Hendrickson, Co-CEO of ONCO Inc. “In harnessing the synergy of ONCO and Oncora Medical, we aim not only to enhance public health data collection, but to help cancer centers turn their cancer registries into a strategic asset for research and patient care. We have full confidence in Dr. Lindsay and his team to join us in this endeavor and we are full believers in Oncora’s mission to Fight Cancer with Data.”

“The partnership between Oncora and ONCO will deliver meaningful improvements to cancer center workflows, while simultaneously laying the groundwork for precision medicine. Companies talk constantly about the value that AI will bring to patient care, but the critical prerequisite to AI is high quality data. I am proud of the large incremental improvement that this partnership will create for cancer centers across the US and the world.” states Oncora’s CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. David Lindsay. Together, ONCO and Oncora are poised to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible in oncology care. This partnership integrates the strengths of two experienced and thoughtful industry leaders, marking a significant stride towards a brighter, technologically-driven future in cancer care.

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About ONCO: ONCO Inc. has been at the forefront of oncology data management for four decades. Continuously evolving to meet the dynamic demands of the oncology sector, ONCO has developed cutting-edge software applications, including ONCOLog and ONCONav. ONCO’s suite of comprehensive solutions emphasizes a commitment to transforming oncology data collection into strategic, efficient, and accurate endeavors. Based in Wall, New Jersey, and guided by a dedicated management team, ONCO is committed to pushing the boundaries and remaining an ally in the fight against cancer. To learn more, visit

About Oncora Medical: Oncora Medical, Inc., an oncology software and data company based in Philadelphia, PA, has developed a powerful platform for oncology patient care and research, capable of integrating and analyzing diverse healthcare data, and applying advanced data curation and machine learning techniques to produce valuable clinical insights. Their Oncora Patient Care platform, developed in concert with MD Anderson Cancer Center, helps cancer centers orchestrate complex workflows and automate data collection, while their Oncora Analytics software platform enables and leverages intelligent data integration to power clinical research, automated public health reporting, and clinical-grade predictive analytics . For more information on how Oncora is fighting cancer with data, visit